26 May 2020
Rescheduled Victory Parade to be held on June 24, says Vladimir Putin

Rescheduled Victory Parade to be held on June 24, says Vladimir Putin

Gabriel Grigorov / TASS

Russia's annual Victory Parade on Red Square, recently postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be held on June 24, Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday during a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu.

The chosen date coincides with the 1945 victory parade in Moscow.

"We will do it on June 24, [on] the day when the legendary, historic victory parade took place in 1945, when soldiers who defended Moscow and Leningrad, fought at Stalingrad, liberated Europe and stormed Berlin marched on Red Square," Putin said.

The march of the Immortal Regiment – an annual procession commemorating family members who fought in WWII – will be held on July 26, coinciding with Navy Day. Putin noted that the procession may be called off if risks to public health remain.

Russia postponed all celebrations linked to the 75th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in mid-April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Vladimir Putin then said that "large-scale and triumphant" celebrations would resume once the spread of the disease had subsided.

Military air shows and fireworks displays were held across Russia on May 9. The traditional military parade on Red Square was replaced by a march of the Presidential Regiment in the Kremlin.

Media outlet Proekt had previously reported that hundreds of servicemen and cadets had contracted the coronavirus during parade rehearsals in the Moscow region.

Russia has posted under 10,000 new infections for 11 straight days, indicating a flattening of its COVID-19 curve. The country is gradually easing its lockdown, as multiple Russian regions have begun easing previously introduced restrictions.