20 May 2020
Ukraine to begin easing COVID-19 quarantine on May 22

Ukraine to begin easing COVID-19 quarantine on May 22

Sergey Dolzhenko / EPA / TASS

Ukraine's ministerial cabinet announced that the country will begin easing its coronavirus quarantine starting May 22, Unian reported on Wednesday.

Public transport will restart across the country on May 22. The metro will reopen on May 25, along with kindergartens. The renewal of air travel and opening of airports will be discussed after June 15.

Ukraine will move to a so-called 'adaptive quarantine' from May 22 to June 22, which consists of five stages. The country's regions will transition between the stages in line with epidemiological indicators established by the national health ministry.

Anti-epidemic measures will be eased and lifted in every region based on the decision of its regional commission.

"We are introducing five stages. Now we are at the first stage. From May 22, we propose introducing the second stage, and so each stage takes 10 days," Health Minister Maksym Stepanov commented.

Ukraine's coronavirus quarantine began on March 11. The country's ministerial cabinet announced a nationwide state of emergency several weeks later, on March 25.

Stores, outdoor cafes, notaries, auditors, psychologists and dentists were allowed to restart work in Ukraine in early May, as the country began to ease its lockdown.

Ukraine counts over 19,000 cases of COVID-19 as of May 20. 564 coronavirus patients have died in Ukraine since the start of the pandemic